There’s more to it than what meets the eye. Do you feel it too, as do i? Dig deeper we must, by all means Nudging a release to what has stayed so far unseen It’s time to pull out the gear, wind up or begin anew. Probes, prompts and play-offs, take a pick from the many to a few.

  • Get ready to have some fun with your participants.
  • Be improvisational – build on the respondent’s choices & reactions.
  • Treat every response as an opportunity to dig deeper.
    could be hiding important insights.
The vast and open field, variables galore. The data surrounds, upfront now and then, at most times hiding behind closed doors. We walk in and around it, all eyes and ears. Soft steps, a gentle presence, silent movements. A fine gaze piercing through the scenes, teasing out what we must.

On the field, while engaged in conversations/interviews with individuals or groups.

  1. Capture deeper layers of respondent’s experience that verbal conversations may not be able to tap into
  2. Make interactions lighter and break monotony during conversations
  3. Create space for honest, spontaneous and subconscious associations to emerge
  4. Facilitate convergence and divergence at various points in the conversation 
  5. Corroborate the earlier recorded verbal responses of participants
Probe-In is a Treemouse method to enable deeper conversations on the field and delve into hidden layers of the participants’ memories, experiences and perceptions.

Curate Media Library

Probe-In, an investigative method, uses an assortment of cross-media objects that can be used individually or be juxtaposed against each other in various formats. The media-objects act as triggers to draw out the repondent’s subconscious thoughtspace around the topic of investigation and collect ‘thick data’.

Design Probe Formats

The formats that the media-objects are used in can be endless and can be customized to the context of the project. This guide proposes some formats to design associative probes as alternative tools of enquiry.

Deploy on Field

This case study elucidates on a Treemouse project that used Probes – from discovering topics to probe into, curating a suitable media library, designing contextual probes to deriving meaning from them.
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