Thought Sparks

Shake it off, stir it up, pull it out, speak aloud. Thoughts astray all need a hear don’t hold back, the stage is clear. Dead end ahead? Just pick a card. All aboard, here’s to a riotous start!

  • Say yes to all ideas, even ‘I think the sun came out last night’.
  • Build on each other’s thoughts.
  • Proudly don your curiosity hat .
  • Go for large-quantity thoughts
    over high-quality thoughts.
  • Language no bar.
A set of handy printable cards that serve to extract the group’s 360degree worldview around the topic of inquiry. These assist in triggering and verbalising initial thoughts, existent knowledge, assumptions, speculations, concerns and questions.

During team brainstorm sessions
or any form of discussions.
At the beginning or during the
course of the project.

  1. Kick off the brainstorm session
  2. Navigate through the discussion
    and keep the ideas flowing
  3. Get past dead ends
  4. Make conversation rich and wide
This set of cards is divided into two kinds –
Dimension Cards (Black) – These cards represent various lens through which you can look at a topic.
Expression Cards (White) – These cards have phrases that you can use to express the degree of your conviction on what you are saying – going from vagueness to certainty to speculation.


To Begin

Lay the cards out in front of everybody at the discussion table. You can try different arrangements using the blacks and whites.
Start the discussion/ brainstorm.

To Use

Use them in combination to spark off initial thoughts or to dig deeper when you are running out of stuff to say.
Try and use as many Dimension (Black) Cards as you can.

To Record

One (or two) participants assigned the task of jotting down all the ideas floating around on a whteboard or on postits, such that they are visible to everyone.
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