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With ample platforms available today that capture real-time data, the major challenge is how to make this data more relevant for each user. Milo is an information & communication tool that leverages real-time data to maintain a healthy relationship between all stakeholders in the sales-supply chain.


Asian Paints, o9 Solutions



What was asked

To envision the future of real time field-communication & its impact on sales cycles. Providing an understanding as to what type of data would enable the same.

What we found

The entire system hinged around the 2-3 min interaction between the salesman and the dealer. It therefore became essential that this technological intervention would not hamper this relationship of face-to-face communication. An adaptive system had to be developed for a comfortable adoption.

What we delivered

Milo was deployed as a front-end on the Mpower platform to breakdown realtime updates into usable information formats. It was designed to be customisable to each user’s unique preferences and delivered a system that made information ambient-to-actionable.


Live, 2016


Customer Journey Mapping

Concept Design

Interaction Design

Visual Design