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Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv


Enabling easy access to finance through Disseminated Digital System in India

How might we give a data-driven personalised experience, that creates a long lasting bond with customers?


The Bajaj Finserv website sees an average of nearly 2 million users a month. It is largely responsible for a major fraction of their business. It is their gateway to invite both existing and prospective customers to learn about and interact with their offerings. It also serves as a portfolio for investors and stakeholders to engage confidently with their brand.


What was asked

To reimagine the existing website, which serves as the primary storefront and a major digital brand touchpoint. The major challenges faced were in the ease of communication of information, customer retention and modularity when it came to accommodating growth. How might we give a data-driven personalised experience, that creates a long lasting bond with customers?

What we found

The existing portal, like the company itself had grown massively over the years. Moreover, the focus had to shift from information dissemination, to that of a prolonged dialogue with customers. It therefore needed to be redesigned from the ground up, by incorporating new interaction paradigms and information structures that enabled personalisation.

What we delivered

A digital experience that transfers control the user. Facilitated by easy navigation, intent based exploration, comprehensive search, and The Cockpit—an option-control panel that allows users to choose what information they want to engage with and make better informed choices about their undertakings. The design is modular, and section adaptive based on navigation patterns and customer data.


Our approach was two fold. First, learn and understand the user’s needs and intentions constantly. Second, provide a guided, tailor-made journey, that made the experience memorable every time. Our goal finally was to instil trust and confidence by empowering users with control and choice.


Bajaj Finserv income grew to more than 2.5 Billion (18.5K Crore INR) in FY 2018-19, with their digital business and consumer lending growing by more than 30%. New loans increased 53% to 23.5 million loans, with digital conversation contributing nearly half of that. BFL financed 12.7 million consumer durable and digital product purchases in FY2019 against 9.9 million in the previous year, a growth of 29%. 30% of it was through their web portal.