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Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv


Enabling easy access to finance through Disseminated Digital System in India

How might we give a data-driven personalised experience, that creates a long lasting bond with customers?

Background invites both existing and prospective customers to learn about and interact with their offerings. It also serves as a portfolio for investors and stakeholders to engage confidently with their brand. The existing portal however, like the company itself, had grown over the years with information being lost, leaving customers confused about their offerings.

Bajaj Finserv has grown to become the second largest Non-Banking Finance Corporation (NBFC) in India. They offer personal loans, credit cards, home financing, investments and insurance. This project was about creating a new product strategy and to redesign their primary portal, responsible for their digital business.

Meeting Aspirations

The aspirations of Indian middle class have grown with the Indian economy. Lifestyles have changed and the Indian consumer is looking for convenient ways to finance the products that fit them. This is evidenced through search trends of people searching for specific loans for specific products.

Secondly, based on CIBIL scores, spending capacity and previously bought products, we identified spending capacities of professionals from certain industries had become higher with a higher affinity to look for easy financing options. Finally, People have come to expect information upfront, and have an affinity to pick their financing options when personalised offers were shown.

Aspirations to Actions

Our strategy was to learn and understand customer needs, intent and provide a guided journey for a memorable experience. We wanted to instil trust and confidence by empowering users with control and choice. Larger offerings like the Personal Loan were expanded into smaller relatable products like loan for electronics, and loans for home improvement and loans for holidays etc. Products for professionals in low risk professions like engineering and medicine had a separate section. Information was restructured and simplified to connect with customers better.

A Responsive Storefront

The Bajaj Finserv portal focuses on customer intent and choice. How do we visualise choice? How do we guide users and encourage them to make informed decisions? We imagined the interface as a modular “Cockpit” of panels containing controls and information, that allowed users to choose what information they want to engage. We designed a comprehensive precise search function for those who came in with specific intent.

Customer journeys

The research phase involved speaking to existing customers, sales representatives, analysing footfall and drop-off data from their existing portal and looking at search engine data. Based on which, we created detailed customer journeys, outlining the experience for the different types of stakeholders including, new customers, returning customers, customers who are salaried or entrepreneurs and professionals. From this we identified design opportunities and unique features for each customer type. We also created the information architecture, that laid out the detailed blueprint for how we would organise the portal and every detail of information.

Iterations and Development

We rapidly developed various low fidelity wireframes and created different visual design strategies. Finally locking down on the aesthetic that resonated with the Bajaj Finserv brand and target users.


Bajaj Finserv income grew to more than 2.5 Billion (18.5K Crore INR) in FY 2018-19, with their digital business and consumer lending growing by more than 30%. New loans increased 53% to 23.5 million loans, with digital conversation contributing nearly half of that. BFL financed 12.7 million consumer durable and digital product purchases in FY2019 against 9.9 million in the previous year, a growth of 29%. 30% of it was through their web portal.