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Experience Desk

QUEST Alliance


The Experience Desk

Designing an engaging experience for people to understand Quest’s approach towards envisioning and enabling self-learning.


QUEST Experience

QUEST Alliance works towards creating holistic self-learning environments for young learners to bridge the gap between education and skill; fosters life-long learning for continuous growth and self development. With continuous learning being the heart of QUEST’s culture, they are constantly evolving and innovating strategies and materials for self-learning experiences.

‘T’ for Technology

Quest is a tech-savvy organisation. What really inspired us is the way in which they are leveraging the affordances of modern technology into making schools more fun, engaging and relevant for a 21st Century learner. We wanted to create an experience much in line with theirs — having that “wow” effect. We aspired to capture the energy of a Quest classroom in this installation.


What was asked

To create an interactive installation for the Q2L Summit that would give an overview of Quest’s work, over 13 years, to anyone attending the event. It needed to be portable for future installations at global events, conferences and at any of their offices across India.

What we found

With a growing body of work, Quest’s primary challenge was — how to communicate ‘what they do’ in a comprehensive manner. What stood out as the thread that connected all of Quest’s work were rich stories from the field — a holistic reflection of their approach and impact.

What we delivered

Keeping in mind Quest’s ideology of ‘learning through play’, we crafted an interactive desk that would take viewers through an immersive experience of the Quest Learning Environment through unique stories of trainers, learners and the community at large.


The form of a desk clicked intuitively with the idea of learning through play. For a kid in the classroom the desk turns into a fantasy world by itself — it’s a secret chest, it’s a playground, it’s a bunker, it’s a sportscar. We wanted the desk to reveal the secrets of the QUEST’s way of working.


The installation consists of a Raspberry Pi — serving html pages via a Node.js server, a rotary knob connected to a wooden crank — mapped to the x-scroll of the browser, and a combination of IR sensors and a potentiometer — to filter content; these sensors are connected to an Arduino board, which in turn talks to the html pages via This entire setup was encased in a wooden housing, that could be flat-packed. We also crafted tiny hand-felted characters for each stakeholder, which acted as switches for the IR sensors.