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Driving Adoption of Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis puts patients into a disquieting situation. It takes a while for them to fully grasp & understand their condition especially its impact on the quality of life. This is the point where patients generally start exploring generic pain medications. However, as the condition causes progressive deformity of bones and joints, an early intervention during the onset of the illness is a must for the patients to minimize its effects.





What was asked

To develop intervention models through understanding the patient’s ecosystem and their state at each stage of their condition.

What we found

We derived patient profiles based on the socio-cultural factors that shaped the patients’ decisions through different stages of their treatment. The emerging engagement models for these profiles were not just unique but highly contrasting.

What was delivered

Proposed intervention models for each type of patient profile along with an in-depth synthesis of patient journey patterns.

The first time patients encounter the term Rheumatoid Arthritis, they often fail to comprehend the condition and its implications. They remain unconvinced and skeptical even after diagnosis, and often end up seeking multiple opinions from many different doctors for validation, also known as “doctor shopping”.

Its not just the patient but the ‘x’ support that needs to be convinced of the treatment towards Rheumatoid Arthritis. Conversely, the emergence of the support in a patients life also roughly indicates the willingness to treatment, to identify with the condition as something beyond the ordinary.

Biologics, the most significant treatment to control the pace of the condition, comes as a recommendation at a very late stage in a patient’s treatment cycle owing to its high cost. It was therefore very crucial to understand the patients’ ecosystem to build appropriate communication measures for early adoption of the treatment.


Completed, May 2017


Ethno-cultural Research

Treatment Adoption & Adherence Strategy