Approaches to unearthing the Invisibles™

We treat processes and approaches as guiding principles that always need to be tweaked to get the best results. When you work with us, we transition between methods, sometimes build new ones on the spot — after all, we are a creative lot!

Approach 01

Uncovers Inter-relationships between people, systems and environments - deeply entwined, inherently dependent.

Approach 02

Captures the intricate details of the everyday, identifying experiences that are so integral, they are often assumed as a norm!

Approach 03

Chalks out the how and when to nudge someone past their threshold for tolerance to take a preferred action.

Approach 04

Uncovers the patterns in behind- the- scene attitudes driving the visible actions.

Approach 05

Working with stakeholders to align the ecosystem for solutions to thrive since problems do not exist in isolation and so neither can solutions.

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